CIRA’s primary operations are in the educational services field, covering K-12 and higher education in the middle-income markets. The company is considered a market leader, with over 23,900 K-12 students and some 7,750 undergraduates. CIRA runs an integrated operation that extends auxiliary services to its primary education focus while limiting its dependence on third-party providers to deliver exceptional value.

K-12 Education

CIRA owns and operates 19 K-12 schools under three distinct brands, namely Mavericks, Futures and Rising Stars, and covering several educational curricula and tracks.

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Higher Education

In 2014, the company expanded into higher education with the launch of Badr University in Cairo. The 45 acre campus includes nine faculties with over 7,750 enrolled students.

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Integration & Value Creation

CIRA boasts a fully integrated business model covering the entire education value chain as well as key supporting functions.

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